A writer with a special love for nostalgic personal essays and fragmented short stories. I write to explore my growth as an individual, and to discover the ways that my thoughts and creations speak with our larger, intertwined story. All of the posts on this blog feature my own photography as well.

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Coffee-drinker, list-maker, literature glutton, ’80s rock fanatic, sci fi/fantasy geek, and lover of interesting people. Other hobbies include taking photos of windows, running through rain at absurd hours, and wishing it’s winter when it’s not.

I was raised on Long Island by my fiercely loving parents along with two boisterous younger sisters and our equally boisterous dog. I’m currently a rising senior at Villanova University with majors in English and History and minors in Italian and Creative Writing. Feel free to contact me for just about anything.

Much love,

Danielle Fusaro