Work Published in Local Wolves

Local Wolves is an independent digital and print publication dedicated to sharing the stories of rising creatives and unique voices that have mastered an array of different fields.

My first prose piece published in Local Wolves was in it’s 57th Issue in April 2019. This piece is titled “Triumph,” and reflects upon my experience as a young woman, my complex relationship with guilt and with men, and the ways that my female friendships support and empower me.

I am currently working as a Columnist for Local Wolves, since March of 2019. My column “Etchings,” in the magazine’s Capture Your Truth issue, discusses the impact of female artists on my own creative pursuits.

In its 59th issue, focusing on music, I was asked to interview singer-songwriter and founder of Low Sodium Records, Derek Luh. My feature on the emerging independent artist included my own research as well as original quotes from Derek himself. I collaborated with photographer Ragan Henderson for a remarkably intimate and fun interview session.

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